Technical Support

What is PPPoE ?

PPPoE is short for Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet. This means that every piece of information destined for your machine is tagged coded and forwarded on a point to point basis thereby making the delivery accurate, precise and secure.
PPPoE is now the protocol of choice in systems such as Windows xp Vista, windows 7 windows 8 It also allows a wide variety of access devices to connect such as smart phones, game consoles, etc.

I am getting only 64 KBPS whereas I have subscribed for a 512 Kbps line ?

speed indicated is on a best effort basis as per trai regulations upto our ISP node please note that the above speed are measured in kilobits per second (kbps) & not kilobytes per second (KBPS).
(B=Byte: B=bit,1 Byte=8bits 512 kbps = 64 kbps

I connect at 100Mbps but get only 256 Kbps, why?

The 100 Mbps you see in the task bar is the handshake speed between your machine and our server. At our server level, we then throttle the bandwidth as per the package purchased by you from 64 Kbps to 1 Mbps or more. If you purchase a larger package more will be allowed over the 100 Mbps pipe from us to you.

Will more AXN broadband users online slow down my connection?

More than the number of users online, it is the kind of applications that they use while online that influences the speed. So your speed will not be negatively affected just because you have many AXN broadband users online. But it will marginally decrease if all of them at the same time indulge in data intensive activities online.

What is the total cost I will incur to get a AXN broadband connection?

The total cost you incur to get a new AXN broadband connection includes the plan price, service tax and the installation cost. The installation cost for Home User connection is Rs. 1000/- .

What are the documents to be furnished to get a AXN broadband connection?

  • Passport size photograph.
  • Photo identity - aadhar card / pan card / Driving license Address proof- /Passport/ Electricity bill/ Rental agreement/ Telephone bill/ Company Id.
  • Customer Registration Form ( provided by AXN ).
  • * The above documents need to be submitted to the AXN business associate along with the payment.

How can I change my broadband plan?

You can change your plan once your present plan expires. During renewal you can select the plan of your choice and call our customer care 0129-6999907.